Personalized Diet, Lifestyle and Herbal Formulation


Initial Consultation: $75

Follow- up Visits (approx. 1/2 hour): $45

Herbal Supplements:
Month Supply: Approx. $55

*Ask about our low-income, student and senior pricing!

**Appointments available with specific practitioners by availability


Tibetan Medicine Consultations:

Tibetan Medicine consultations give you personalized diet, lifestyle and Tibetan herbal supplement recommendations to balance your body and mind. If you live with any physical or mental suffering or just want to prevent it, come in for a Tibetan Medicine consultation. 

We will sit down with you for about an hour  and find out all of the conditions which are affecting you including your constitution, diet, lifestyle and age as well as seasonal and environmental factors. We ask various questions, check your pulse and observe your physical condition to understand how these imbalances are manifesting in you. In conclusion we recommend diet, lifestyle, Tibetan herbal supplements and Kunye Therapies to help bring you back into balance.
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