Tibetan Kunye Massage

Tibetan Kunye Massage is an effective, dynamic system of massage and bodywork therapies.  It is an important aspect of Traditional Tibetan Medicine, one of our world's most ancient and advanced lineages of healing arts.  For many centuries, the renowned physicians and yogis of Tibet have relied upon the practice of Kunye Massage for restoring health and balance.

Kunye employs a variety of massage techniques and bodywork therapies, including:

·      Massage with medicinal oils

·      Deep tissue massage

·      Pressure points therapy

·      Joint mobilization and assisted stretching

·      Heated oils therapy

·      Hot stones therapy

·      Hot and cold compresses

·      Herbal poultices

·      Gemstone therapy

What Are the Benefits?

Kunye Massage is based upon the five-element theory of Traditional Tibetan Medicine.  Kunye helps balance the elements of the body, relax tensions, ease pain, and revitalize the energy. 

 Kunye Massage is specifically indicated to:

·      Relax stress & tensions

·      Relieve pain and stiffness in the muscles and joints

·      Balance the aggravated wind energy of the body

·      Rejuvenate coarse, dry skin

·      Alleviate constipation and support healthy digestion

·      Relieve symptoms of insomnia, anxiety, depression, exhaustion, bereavement, traumatic stress

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Licensed Massage Therapists:

Matthew Schmookler, LMT
Leela Whitcomb-Hewitt, LMT
Yeshe Tsomo, LMT


Kunye Therapy

1 hour Kunye Tibetan Massage: Regular $70

Hot Stone Add-On: $15

1.5 hour Kunye Tibetan Massage: Regular $95

½ Hour Kunye Tibetan Massage
½ Hour Compress  and Point Therapies
Regular  $35

*Ask about our bulk rates as well as our student, senior and low income discounts.

**24-hour cancelation required or fee may apply up to full price of massage.

***Appointments available with specific practitioners by availability only.